School Bus Transportation Information

  • Transportation Director
    Matt Gaut
    676-3390 x7230


    School District No. 30’s buses transport approximately 1,000 students daily and drive nearly 2.6 million passenger miles annually.  Providing safe, reliable, and orderly transportation for this number of students is a daunting task that requires the cooperation of students, drivers, parents, and the school administration.

    To assist the drivers, we have adapted the “Time to Teach” program similar to that being used by the classroom Teachers.


    Bus Rules

    1.       Follow directions the first time they are given.

    2.       Remain seated at all times.

    3.       Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.

    4.       Keep your voice down.  Whistling, yelling, or other use of vulgar or obscene language is unacceptable.

    5.       No smoking or chewing.



    1.       Start-up request.

    2.       Refocus & Conference with driver.

    3.       Student assigned to a specific seat; driver or transportation supervisor may contact parents.

    4.       Student taken to the principal or transportation supervisor and the parents may be notified.

    5.       Bus privileges suspended pending conference with the principal and transportation supervisor


    In the case of severe infractions such as possession of or use of illegal substances, weapons, defiance and/or disrespect to the driver, fighting, vandalism and other behaviors of a continuous nature, students may have their riding privileges suspended and the School Resource Officer may be notified.


    In order for any student to be transported by Ronan School District No. 30, a School Bus Transportation Information Form must be completed. This form can be found at your student's school office and must be filled out and returned before your student will be allowed to ride the bus.  This form includes a primary stop and a secondary stop.  This form allows the driver to deliver your child/children to either stop.  Any change to the primary or secondary stop will require a new transportation form to be filled out.