Welcome to Ronan Bands

  •     First, CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to commit to something very special with so many amazing students; a tradition of excellence with the band. 


    This is a guide for parents and students to give specific details about the band program. Use the handbook as a reference to help answer questions throughout the school year. It contains policies and procedures as well as expectations and rules. I encourage you to discuss the information with your child. When you are finished, please complete the required Student/Parent Acknowledgement Form (last page), due Monday, September 9.Thank you!


    Students that take part in the band program are challenged to grow musically and encouraged to achieve their highest potential. In order for this to occur, students must respect their director, their fellow musicians, and their instruments. 


     I truly believe that music education is vastly important to all people. Band changes lives in so many ways. The band room is a place where students will find lifelong friends, learn to work for the greater good through collaboration, develop music skills needed to perform music at varying levels, learn to use the music they create to share emotions, and create their own music.  I am so excited that you have chosen to be a member of the Ronan Middle School Band Program. Get ready for an amazing adventure.


    – Mrs. Lipscomb, 

    your band teacher-conductor


    1. Don't hesitate to email or call me with any questions you might have. The band room door is always open.