Welcome to Ronan School District No. 30 Adult Education

  • Ronan School District provides learning opportunities for adults who want to acquire a new skill, explore a new interest area, or enrich their personal or professional lives. Classes are open to all adults (18 years and older) in Ronan and the surrounding communities.

    Fall Session: October 9-December 14, 2017

    Now seeking Fall 2017 teachers!

    Contact Nicki Jimenez if you have a class you want to offer (nicki.jimenez@ronank12.edu, 406-676-3390 ext. 7728) 


    Fall 2017 Classes Coming Soon!


    Registration for the Fall Session will open on Wednesday, September 27th at 8:00 am. 


  • Class fees are listed in the class description. Most classes are $20 for the entire session. Some classes require a supply fee to provide for materials needed during instruction. Fees for all classes will be collected at the first class.


  • If you have any questions about Adult Education, have any technical difficulties with the online registration process, or need to register by phone (registration online greatly preferred), please contact Adult Education Coordinator Nicki Jimenez by phone (676-3390 ext. 7728) or by email (nicki.jimenez@ronank12.edu).