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School District No. 30

Ronan/Pablo Schools


WHEREAS school District No. 30, Lake County, Ronan, State of Montana, has assessed the roofs over the Ronan Middle School building and the Ronan High Building. The assessment has determined that the roofs are in need of major maintenance. The assessment has also revealed that certain areas are in greater need of repairs than others. The Ronan School District wishes to go forward with repairing said areas of greater deterioration.

BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Trustees gives approval for obligating forty thousand from the Permissive Building Reserve Funds towards the needed repairs of the Ronan Middle School and the Ronan High School roofs in conjunction with the Montana Department of Commerce grant; should it be approved.

BE IT RESOLVED  that if said grant is not approved for the School District No. 30, the trustees may move forward with those areas deemed most urgent and within the Ronan School District's budget.