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Dear Ronan Middle School Remote Learners and parents,

As we complete the end of the first semester, I wanted to take a minute to give you a heads up to changes in the remote learning platform that will take place on January 25, 2021.  On January 25th, the expectations are in place that you will remote into your class at the start of every class period.  You will stay in class until such a time as the teacher releases you, or the class period ends. 

Monday, January 25th at 8:20 AM, you will go to the google meet link provided in your google classroom, you will join your normally scheduled class each period.  Attendance will be taken at the start of each class, and then you will be expected to follow the direct instruction.  If you fail to log in within the first 10 minutes, you will be counted absent for that period. In order to be considered in attendance you must have your camera on and be in front of it. 

Each student will log in each day at the time of each class.  If you are not sure of your students schedule you can contact the Ronan Middle School Office for a copy of their new schedule.  If your student is sick one day and can’t make it to class, you will need to call the attendance office to excuse them.

We realize that some students and or parents will decide that they would rather send their students back to school to continue this year on the face to face platform.  We just need you to contact the Ronan Middle School main office to make that happen.  Also, if you had checked out a device we will need you to bring that back when you come back to school.

 If you have any questions please feel to give us a call over the next few days. 


Frank Jobe
Ronan Middle School Principal
406-676-3390 ext. 7401
Period 1   8:20-9:48
Period 2   9:53-11:13
Period 3   11:18-11:46
Lunch       11:46-12:31
Period 3   12:36-1:26
Period 4   1:31-3:00
Rotation 1         8:20-9:25
Rotation 2         9:30-10:35
Lunch               10:35-11:20
Rotation 3         11:25-12:30
Spell./Grammer   12:35-1:05
Reading Interven.  1:05-1:50
Recess              1:50-2:15
Activity               2:25-3:00




Dear Remote Learners and Parents of RHS Only:

In order to better serve our remote learners and their needs, Ronan School District no. 30 is changing the mode of delivery for remote learning. Our current method of asynchronous learning is not proving successful. We will be extending the time to turn in work for the first quarter until November 3rd. Starting November 4th, all remote classes will adhere to the synchronous model. This means that students will be invited to attend class through Google Meet by their instructor. Students will check into their assigned class at the time they would as if they were physically attending school. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of class and then remote learners will follow along with the rest of the class during direct instruction. They will continue to do this for the entirety of their schedule. Fridays will be a day for Remote learners to contact teachers and/or come into the school for extra-support, labs, quizzes and tests.




I am seeing a rather large number of students who are not doing well in the remote format and I wanted to reach out to see how I can help. I understand how difficult this time can be for families! However, I don't want your students to suffer in the future. In high school, poor grades will make it difficult to graduate, at the middle school level, the school work lays a foundation for the work in high school.

I have one goal: to help our children graduate from Ronan High School.

Please let me know how I can help!!

Mr. Madden
Director of Student Services

Welcome to remote learning at Ronan School District! Hopefully your teachers have made contact with you already! 

Here are a few district guidelines for 20-21:

Work will be uploaded on Friday by 3 pm and will include direct instruction videos from the teacher. Google Classroom will be used and will be fairly consistent across the district. The work assigned on Friday will be due by noon on the following Friday. Attendance will be based on the work that is turned in...all work turned in means present all week, missing work will count as an absence. HS and MS students who have missing work will not be eligible for extracurricular activities for the week.

RMS remote learners may need to come into the MS on Friday to take quizzes and tests.  This includes STAR and DIBELS testing. Fridays will also be a good time to meet with teachers and/or pick up needed items from the schools.

Grading will be the same for all students.

Teachers will be available to assist as needed depending on their schedules. 

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you be successful this year. We are here to help!

Mr. Madden
Director of Student Services

School Phone Number
Pablo Elementary School 406-275-7700
KWH Elementary School 406-528-7300
Ronan Middle School 406-528-7400
Ronan High School 406-528-7501

How to Setup your Home Computer for Remote Learning

Create a PowerSchool parent account to keep track of your students assignments and grades!

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